Wednesday, December 01, 2004


That's what I am having. A knitting slump. After my last enthusiastic post I fell into a hole. I worked on the back of my cardi and I am almost at the armhole shaping, but somehow it doesn't appeal to me to go on. At least at the moment. I have to finish the Zara Shedir too, and am not up to it.

Maybe I can blame it on the weather. We Montrealers woke up to this this morning:

Nice, wet, slushy snow that wouldn't stay because it is not cold enough and instead inundated the streets, which gave me wet feet. Luckily I live in Westmount and they seem to spend an awful lot of money on maintenance so the nuisance is getting removed at this moment.

And if you're thinking "man, she's in a crappy mood today!" you're absolutely right.

"Thou shalt not blog when you are having a bad day!" - will try to think of this next time!

3 p.m.: I cut my hair. That's what happens when I go stir-crazy and don't know what else to do. It was all about the same length and I didn't like it. So I cut it. Now I do like it. Here's a really bad picture and when you haven't seen me before you won't know what I am talking about. The others might.

Please ignore the fact that I look like I am possessed...taking pictures of one self is not as easy as it sounds.


Anonymous said...

AWE! Why am I one of the only people so happy to see snow today! LOL! ;) Sometimes taking a break from a project... or two for a few days does good.


Kajin said...

Your hair look great, Mona! And I agree with Jo : take a break, and your "mojo" will come back ;-)