Saturday, December 11, 2004

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

We've been letting it snow for a whole night....look:

And it still does, BTW (I'd say we are at 20 cm by now - they keep clearing so it's hard to say). I put up our sorry excuse for a Christmas-tree yesterday (plastic, yuck!) and I must say once it's dressed it's just half as ghastly. Nothing better than a real tree, but I truly wouldn't know where to put it.

There's no picture but am happy to report that the second Henry-sock is progressed past the heel, the possibility of getting a FO today is very high.


Anonymous said...

So, any FOs to report? Double-weight purple kitty balaclava is nearly done...Tali looks like she needs weaponry, though...(the ears aren't done yet :-))

So then I can make some bunny. After I recover from finding the car under many, many centimetres of snow...they all look the fact, I'm afraid I'm going to clean off someone else's car before I discover my mistake ;-)

Hope you're inside, all snug and warm and knitting!

Lee Ann

Anonymous said...

Well at least you actually have a tree up, we still need to buy one. ACK! ;)


Mona strickt said...

Since we were invited yesterday evening we had to go and dig out the car, too. Good thing we have an assigned parking spot...

Regarding the balaclava: at least Tali's nose will be warm!

Jo, I decided I need more tree decoration, one stil can see too much plastic...eech.