Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Of ice-rain, story telling and a ride home

We had a nice come-together last night...I am glad I braved the icy rain and took the bus to the café where we were meeting. When I arrived there was story telling going on and the proprietors made us move from next to the event to the front of the café. Apparently our excitement about having another knitter's meeting was expressed in too loud voices thus disturbing the story listeners. I bet we would have shut up if the story had been about any knitting related topic but from the bits and pieces I heard it was not involving yarn and pointy sticks.

Jo worked on the scarf with the hearts of the knitty surprise issue, cleverly combining purple Highland Wool with a variegated wool (it looked great and made me think that I would have never picked that combination and then: why not?) Deawn stabbed her yarn with incredibly big wooden needles (I couldn't supress images of Buffy and her vampire killing "Mr. Pointy" - no offense Deawn, my dear!) into a scarf (I was much too intrigued by her tools to pay attention to the outcome but looking at the pictures of her blog I am sure it will be pretty), Véronik was working on one of her designs (when you know her work you know it can't be other than beautiful), Alison is still on that gorgeously soft blue sweater and Molly-Ann brought her "Kool-aid-fair-isle" (she dyed yellow wool with different colours, not only are they lovely but also go so well together). No, I wasn't working on the second sock but tried to figure out the armhole decreases on my cardi.

The very best thing of the evening though was the ride home Carl and Jo gave me - I was and am really thankful that I didn't have to go out into and onto that dangerous element called rain turned ice again.


Kajin said...

I am glad you had fun at the meeting, and that you got home safely! It was a real nightmare yesterday night - I am almost thankful I was unable to go!

Anonymous said...

Well you know it was our pleasure to give you a ride home especially in that weather. It was especially fun seeing you so nice to us all evening! teeheehee! ;)

The scarf is no more but I'll snap a pic of the only few hearts I had done. It's just not inspiring me right now.


Mona strickt said...

Kajin, I know what you mean - I had planned to take the car but was scared off by the layer of ice on the ground (and the car, for that matter). Luckily I was able to make the last 63 bus whose driver seemed oblivious to the ice everywhere and that was scary, too! I wholly understand that you wouldn't want to drive and hope to see you soon at an upcoming meeting.