Monday, December 06, 2004


That's what the 6th of December is called in Germany. And one gets little presents and chocolate and Lebkuchen. Ah, how I miss that.

The sock is coming along nicely - I am almost at the toe. Tonight our apartment seems a bit chilly and I don't knit well with cold hands. The reason why I haven't posted a picture of the Zara (mini)Shedir yet is that I haven't woven in the ends...

Kitty of that 70s show was wearing a sweater tonight that reminded me a lot of the "Klaralund"-sweater one sees quite frequently at the moment. Not only was it constructed the same way, it was also striped. What a coincidence...

The new knitty is out and I must say I disagree with the "cute womb". If "because we can" cuts it for you, go ahead, knit one. I am partial to Belle Epoque and am happy for everyone who finds something he (he? that's a bit of German grammar sneaking in) likes amongst all the other patterns.

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