Wednesday, December 29, 2004

One stitch at a time

Ever wondered how many stitches one has to knit till the garment is finished? I "counted" mine of the recent sock (okay, so I used a calculator). I was amazed how many it turned out to be.

What do you think?

a) 11.538 sts
b) 12.022 sts
c) 12.884 sts

Leave a comment with your pick to win this:

A starter kit for socks in form of "Fortissima Colori Mexico", if you will. It's fun to knit with this yarn, the socks will grow in now time.

If there should be more than one correct answer I will draw the winner the oldfashioned way: names written on a piece of paper and hubby will pick with his eyes closed.

Good luck!

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments - Lee Ann, the sweet potatoes were a hit! Lauren, glad to have had you here, hope you'll be back.


Anonymous said...

Oh oh ooooooooh!!!! Fortissima yarn, ok and we don't get a hint on the socks sizes or anything? I'm guessing A- 11,538sts. I think I'm wrong too, that doesn't help! LOL! When does the contest end (secretly I might have time to finish my socks and count all the stitches!) LOL! ;)


wenders said...

I am going to go with C...socks are knit on such wee needles!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing B because no one else has. :-)

Lee Ann

Michelle said...

Ohhhh, you enabler! LOL

I'm not going to guess because I already have a sock yarn stash of 94 balls and I'll let someone win that isn't as sock obsessed as I am...but, I'm eager to know what the answer is.

Have a happy New Year.