Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Still in "sock-mode"

I knew it. Once I start knitting socks, I will go on. Because it's so easy and you're rewarded quickly with a FO. So here's another one of a pair:

And of course I know enough people who love to get them, even though Christmas is over.

Talking about Christmas: My knitted gifts were well received, at least the ones I gave away here in Montreal. My packages to Germany haven't arrived yet.

I love it when the recipient tries the knitting on at once - everyone did so. Do you remember the too-small Zara-Shedir? I gave it to two year old Fiona, she put it on and the hat wouldn't come off all evening though it must have been quite hot wearing it. I was thrilled and her Mom, too, cause Fiona won't wear anything at the moment that is NOT PINK - well, except for the hat. Yay! (I totally understand, who could resist the softness of Zara?? - I hope to post a picture in the near future, I forgot my camera again so I will have to rely on the kindness of anyone who took a pic of her.)

The celtic cap plus scarf were also a big hit with Judy. And the socks - I am always happy when they fit, Peter was, too.


Anonymous said...

Okay, that does it, girls, I'm going to have to make socks. Because in addition to being the skinniest man alive, the french fry has skinny feet too, which get really cold, and he wears double layers of normal socks...so a nice pair of soft handmade ones would do the trick, I think.
These colourful socks are so cool, and I love the ones in the grey variegated yarn even more. They look great! Mona, you're amazing with all these FOs...
And thanks for crediting me with the sweet potato recipe...I got desperate one day having eaten yet another unwanted serving of disgusting "candied yams" at my parents' house and decided a potato is a potato is a potato. Pressed fresh garlic, olive oil, coarse salt and fresh chopped rosemary, tossed with the chunks of potato (peeled or not) and roasted in a hot oven, in case anyone else is interested...
Happy to be reading your blog again after holiday withdrawal :-)

Anonymous said...

uh oh, I pulled a Jo... ;-)

that was long-winded Lee Ann posting a comment, Mona :-D

Lauren said...

Hallo Mona--just came across your blog, and I am glad I did! What pretty socks you are making! :) I am planning to get into socks soon--they are so fast and easy, and instantly useful.

Happy New Year to you!