Friday, January 14, 2005

Cars and Girls

Of the formerly mentioned the car is the more expensive one. At least in this household.

Rolf brought the car to get the flat tire fixed. Turns out there were more flaws than one flat tire. We needed some repairs, the total cost was more than 700$. That's all I have to say about that.

I am a bit disappointed that the CSI murder case didn't get any attention on the blogs I read. This leads me to believe that not a lot of knitters watch this show, I read the wrong blogs or they just don't care. Or maybe they have enough sense not to read more into a TV-show than it's worth...

I fell in love last night. I discovered a colour of Noro Silk Garden I won't be able to withstand for long:

Tones of orange and turquoise in one ball?? Brilliant. I am sure I can think of an appropriate project. (In case you wondered: it's #35)

Talking about projects, I am not really happy with mine at the moment. The teal socks bore me, and I need to design the intarsia for my Mackintosh cardi. Hey, wait a minute, I only have two WIPs?? Ah, let's not forget the other sock (for any kind of travelling or visiting or needing a small project to carry with me) and all the swatches for my ideas I am working on. Darn that stupid car - how am I supposed to finangle money for yarn from hubby when there is none? There you have it, now my yarn diet is official.

Update at 3.40 p.m. The other sock is no longer. The cast-on turned out to be not stretchy enough, so I frogged it.

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