Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Is it...

really January 5th already?

Seems I am starting the new year with slacking on my blog. But then I don't have any knitting news - that is I just figure you wouldn't be too interested in yet another pair of socks.

I finished the first teal coloured sock with cables in Lang "JaWoll", pic follows.

I love the Lang sock yarn, I love the concept of them putting a spool of reinforcement yarn into each ball (though I hardly ever use it, did so for the heel on this sock), I just can't abide the price they expect me to pay here in North-America.

Quite a while ago - I figure it must be 10 years - my Mom knit a cardi from Lang "JaWoll". She used it double stranded and due to the quality of the yarn you can imagine how well the cardi held up. I remember my brothers prying the "baby" (that's how they called them) out of each and every ball of yarn and playing with them. Believe it or not, I still have some of the same spools from my Mom's cardi - ready to be used as reinforcement in any sock heel or toe I want. Don't you just love the fact that yarn doesn't have a "best before" date when properly kept?

BTW - you mustn't think just because I don't write about big desasters and donating on my blog that I don't care about things like that. I am as any other person horrified about what happened and couldn't agree more that donating is the right thing to do.


Sam La Tricoteuse said...

Hi Mona

Where did you get that wool ! Next time you come to the Knitting Collective bring it on...
I have finished a pair of socks - I do love them too ! - that I will soon post on my blog ( once I have two minutes. I used the Regia Silk (Merino/Silk/Polyamide) and they are very nice.. However yours seem much better..

Mona strickt said...

Hi Sam,

I consider Regia sock yarn just as good as Lang - but I'll bring some Lang for you to check out. You can order it at Yarnforward and turns out it is there NOT as expensive as I thought/remembered.

Lauren said...

Hallo Mona :) I will have to try JaWoll soon. I saw it at my LYS the other day, and I really want to work on some socks, so that might be the perfect thing for me.

I hope all is well for you! Take care :)

Anonymous said...

No, Mona, it's really January 9th ;-)))

So, where is the pic of the teal socks? I don't see it...

Hope the remainder of your weekend is nice :-)

Lee Ann