Friday, January 21, 2005

Socks aplenty

Yeah, yeah, here we go again. Another sock. And all because I am too lazy to frog part of the back of the Mackintosh cardi so I can re-knit it correctly. It's in front of me, I see it and wail "I don'wanna!". Okay, so I don't whine out loud, just silently to myself, but nonetheless.

The single sock dread has to be avoided, so:

The weather here is once again extremely cold. Tomorrow we are supposed to go curling. In my lifetime I have done that twice. Last year and the year before last. Yes, it's an annual event, and it's followed by a "soup-tasting" or potluck dinner at one of the participant's house. With all the cold outside I really don't feel like joining a sport in the cold inside. Especially when I know that I will most probably end up with black and blue knees. Did I mention that I am not really good at curling?


Anonymous said...

That is just so coooool, Mona!!! I love watching curling...I've never done it, though. It's a wee little miracle of physics. And apparently also a wee little miracle if you can not fall on your arse ;-))) Good luck with it, and at least you get a nice meal afterward :-)

Lee Ann (gee, do you give bisoux to a German girl?)

Okay, this girl does. Bisoux :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, crap, I forgot to say...

WOW. That is one gorgeous, somewhat (dare I say it) apricot-themed sock! And why apologize for yet another sock, when each one is prettier than the last?

Guess what. I have to start a sock NOW. Why? You're not going to believe it. I just won some Lorna's Laces on another blog to guessed it...more socks :-)

I'm gonna be a sock queen too :-)


Lauren said...

Your Regia socks are lovely, Mona! So elegant! This new fair-isle sock is great too!

Stay warm! :)

wenders said...

I think apricot may be my new favorite color. And, do you use the broom or push the stone thingy when you go curling?

Mona strickt said...

Thanks for all the compliments!

Wenders: you push the stone with your hand, that's when I loose my balance and end up on my knee(s) because I never actually learned how to do it. Then the other players use their brooms to "clear the path" and you get to yell "haaard!!" when it seems that it won't hit the other stones that are already in the see, I don't really know that much about curling either!