Sunday, January 23, 2005

People with brooms

Warning, long non-knitting content follows!

We braved the cold and went curling. The following picture is about half an hour into the event, we are still content, warm and smiling. With me is Peter, a professor at the chemistry department at Concordia, and also green-stripey-sock-recipient.

It was mainly I who got (after three hours) not-smiling, cold and malcontent (a little bit). It is hell to go from a cold curling rink into the colder outside...but, wait, we're still there, so here it goes:

This year only one my right knee is a bit "ouch" to the touch - it's the one I was on when pushing or throwing (?) the stone. Like I did in this picture. I can't make myself to put on one of these slidy thingies - I am afraid that I would end up on my arse a lot, so it looks really unprofessional but I don't care.

Blame my hubby for a blurry picture. This is me waiting for the embarrassing outcome of my throw. Mostly the stone veers off the lane or I don't push hard enough to even reach the target with it.

So, back there is the target area, and we are waiting for one of our stones to come by. When it's in motion you have to decide if to brush or not, sometimes a hard decision because a little too much brushing and the stone shoots over the area where it is supposed to land. Actually, that happened a lot - even without brushing. That's when you hear the professional teams on TV yell "HAAAAARD" - not so much at our event. (Any professional curler reading this might get a laughing fit, again: I don't care!)

Suffice it to say, we didn't win the tournament since we sucked big time. It was fun nonetheless, though cold fun.

Later that evening I finished my first fair-isle sock. I am dreading the weaving in of the ends since I despise doing it.


kate said...

Weave in? Yuck! Knit them in as you go! Just out of curiosity, where did you put the end of the round? The back? And did you do a jogless jog? Can you see the end of the round? Hope you're great! I'm impressed with your curling.

Lauren said...

Your curling pictures are great. I know very little about this sport, but your pictures helped me understand it a little better!

Your sock is lovely--good luck with all of the weaving!