Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Update - on what exactly??

I started the second sock and managed to finish the cuff and the necessary increases for the cables. I haven't knit one cable yet. Otherwise there are no knitting news.

Maybe you are interested in the weather here in Montreal? It's strange. After having minus 10° this morning the temperature is up to minus 4° (says my hubby) and it's raining ICE. Again. Hopefully it will warm up a bit more so we don't have to scratch a centimeter thick ice covering from our car. Which was stuck in a snow heap (which covered the ice from our last ice-storm) the last couple of days, so Rolf bought those nifty thingies one puts under the tires to get grip and get out of the snow heap. That worked. But then we discovered that the left back tire was flat. That's when I got a bit anxious, because I wanted to take the car to get to our knit-out yesterday. I couldn't. I ran for the last 63 bus - almost missed it, but the driver was friendly enough to wait for me. I made it, huffing and puffing. Which didn't help to increase my already bad mood because I felt reminded of the bad shape I am in. Thank goodness I have a really bad memory regarding "look at the bad shape I am in" and when I arrived at the café I had recovered what was left of my usual "aloofness" (haha, I just like the word, I am no Steven Hyde by all means!). Lets just say I bitch a bit and then I get over it. Works most of the time. It helps a lot when one doesn't have to carry a grudge against anything and everything. I know some people who really should try it. But I digress. Wait. No, "isch'abe fertisch"! ("I am finished" in German with bad Italian accent, German soccer fans will know what I am talking about, right?)


nadelspiel said...

In diese Spiel es ware zwei, drei oder vier Spieler, die ware schwach wie eine Flasche leer! :-)

Hier in Deutschland ist kurzfristig der Frühling ausgebrochen.

Liebe Grüße,

Mona strickt said...

Frühling? Den gibt's hier vor April nicht. Wir erwarten heute bis 9° - das bewirkt, dass die Leute sagen "il fait chaud, eh?", was wiederum nur bedeutet, dass wir uns endlich mal nicht die Nasenspitze abfrieren müssen und ein Teil der Schneemassen bye bye sagt. Morgen ist es dann auch schon wieder vorbeit mit den Verwöhntemperaturen, da wird es höchstens -3° "warm".

Das war der Wetterbericht für heute, have a nice day!