Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Model-Man, Man-Model

The latest FOs modeled by hubby:

And, since I know that knitters want to see everything close up:

As you can see I made a very simple hat, that's how he wanted it. The "scarf" is k1,p1 rib, with a tubular cast-on and cast-off. First time I did the tubular cast-off and I think I have it down. Yay.

He loves the hat but couldn't get fast enough out of the scarf-thingie (does anyone know how it's called?), apparently it itches like hell. It is alpaca - how can it itch???

My throat itches, too. And I hurt all over. Blech, I think I kind of opened Pandora's box last Saturday when I proclaimed that so far I hadn't gotten ill this winter...


Anonymous said...

Tali says alpaca can itch. She is, however, the most sensitive person to anything remotely itchy that I know. That said, given the temps in Montréal lately, it looks like Rolf is bien équipé pour l'hiver :-) Nice job! And very sorry to hear you have a cough and an itchy throat know what I'm going to say...Tea, Time, and Rest. The only way. Sleep well, dear Mona :-)


Lee Ann

Lauren said...

The recycled yarn project was a success! It looks great, and this gray color is very handsome.

I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself!

Michelle said...

The hat looks great!

I don't know what you call the scarf-thingie...but, scarf-thingie works for me! [g]

I've heard that alpaca does itch, but I've never knit with it yet. It may depend on the individual because I don't have a problem with the coarsest of wools.

deboraht said...

Could you post or tell me where I can find a pattern like your husband's cozy neck-warmer. I live in California, but my hubby rides a motorcycle everyday and it does get chilly. Great work on your knitting.

Mona strickt said...

Hi Deborah,

I am glad you like the "neckwarmer" - I am happy to tell you how I made it, there is actually no pattern I could you refer to because I made it up.

Using a 4.5 mm needle I cast on 108 stitches with two strands of Alpaca (yardage about 180-200/50g, it's recycled yarn, so I am not sure). I used the tubular cast-on because it's really stretchy. (If you never have used this cast-on you should look for an explanation in a book - it's quite useless explaining it without pictures!) My gauge was 18 st/10cm over slightly stretched k1,p1. I figured 60cm (about 23.5") circumference would be enough. After closing the cast-on to a round knit rib for about 28cm, cast off (again, tubular cast-off: look for an instruction). The finished product weighs 92gr., so two balls of for example "Drops Alpaca" (from Garnstudio) should be enough. That's it!!

Hope that helps. Happy knitting!

Mona strickt said...

Correction on the instructions: I used 4mm needles.

My head just doesn't work that well at the moment...

Sam La Tricoteuse said...

Dear Mona
Have a fast recovery !!
I am trying - as much as I can - to knit a tubular cast-on: I have tried French instructions (montage à l'italienne) and English (Montse Stanley) and frankly nothing gets in (and I do not even have a cold !) Can you tell me where you took yours..