Thursday, January 13, 2005

CSI New York

Before I read any other blogs today I have to post about yesterday's CSI NY. I bet it'll be all over the knit blogs that a knitter *gasp* has committed murder - accidentally, but nonetheless murder! Suffice it to say that the shows creative consultants (or whoever is responsible for the props etc.) neglected her/his research, the knitting needles seemed a bit too pointy and the shown knitting, well, wasn't exactly "knitting", was it now?

Whatever. I found it highly amusing and entertaining that even a crime show tries to jump the train to knit-town.

What others think: CSI NY on Knitter's Review


Anonymous said...

Well, with the dpn sizes we were "encouraged" to purchase today, Mona, I would say that it's only a matter of time before I need stitches... ;-)))

Granny Squares. Holy crap. Who writes this stuff, anyway...whomever it is gets the Golden Hook In The Eye Award.

At least Gromit knits for real, and he even does it the right way, in "A Grand Day Out." Yep, he's a right-pawed thrower... Bravo, Nick Park. Your mother is probably a knitter....

Lee Ann

deawn said...

Wow. And that's supposed to be a show featuring forensic investigation. Maybe the continuity people were on strike or something. Well, it's not going to stop me from watching the show (and knitting with my OUTRAGEOUSLY huge needles, all the while...)

Here's what sucks greatly: it's currently -21C here, and expected to get even colder over the weekend. What's more, there's a stiff, howling wind blowing from the northwest.

At least it's good knitting weather, long as you're not out in it.

- Deawn

Terby said...

I was knitting while watching it, so I have to admit I wasn't paying too much attention. :) The needles looked a lot like size 13 Clover bamboos, but mine aren't nearly that sharp.

Despite having a great cast, I haven't been that impressed with CSI:NY.

Mona strickt said...

Terby - CSI NY is also my least favourite of the three shows.

A bit more of this crap and we knitters get a "reputation", eh??