Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Shopping spree - not yarn!

Yesterday I took a temporary break from knitting - from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Véronik and I went shopping. I know, I have mentioned that I don't have money for yarn, but when your clothes start looking "well worn" and are falling apart you cannot but buy new ones. And, I do not particularly like clothes-shopping for me.

There are a lot of things on sale right now, and so I was lucky. Or I should figure myself lucky since I found a sweater, a blouse and a camisole, I just wish the two first mentioned were an inch or two longer. They are not and so I have to "go with the flow" - i.e. make the best of it.

You might have guessed it by now: I like green. (Yes, the camisole is green, too.) Not to forget the fact that except for green there was a lot of pink, and I don't feel comfortable in pink. It doesen't work with my complexion, it makes me look really red in the face. I would go for blue, but since there was green and I don't like black - you catch my drift?

If it wasn't for the apricot coloured bra and some panties I also bought, Véronik might have used the word "obsessed with green" when asked what she thinks about my shopping habits. Which is absolutely NOT true, since I am obsessed with apricot! (I won't post a picture of the underwear, duh, even if it is my favourite colour.)

It has been a while since I have done this last and I forgot how tiring shopping is. I was a lot of fun though, and I hope we do it again some time soon.

As you might have seen I added a new category in my side-bar. I thought it would be nice to tell you a bit more about me - so now you can see what kind of music I like and what I am listening to when knitting. There is of course lots more, and as my faves change time after time so will the info.


wenders said...

I like the new section!
I love seeing what other people listen to - and I know I like the two CDs you have up now. Who knew that Minnie Driver could sing!? :)

Anonymous said...

Bra shopping gives me a freakin' headache...But any time you want, I'd be happy to accompany you to do some clothes shopping as it would significantly raise the fun factor...and the green is very pretty. I'll bet it would go really well with...an apricot cardigan ;-)

With your colouring, you would look terrific in black, too, though...

Glad to see the trip was successful...let me know if you want to organise another :-)

Lee Ann

Mona strickt said...

Lee Ann, thanks for the offer. Should I be able to raise some more m-o-n-e-y I will go shopping again, otherwise it will have to wait...