Monday, January 24, 2005

I wanted to

...but I cannot show you the hat I knitted for Rolf. He is wearing it already. Which tells me that he likes it.

Talking about people liking what you knit: My Mom received the "Two-tone-top with a twist" ca. 10 days ago, she phoned me when the package arrived. "So," I asked "how do you like it?" She answered that it is "interesting". Oh dear, knowing my Mom I got a bad feeling at once. Interesting in her language means more or less: "what was she thinking? Does she really want me to wear this? maybe I'll give it a try..." Bad Karma, I can tell you. She said, however, that she liked the colours.

Last week I got another call: this time she seemed a bit more excited about it, she told me that she washed it and it lengthened a bit (I didn't have the time to give it a rinse, look how late it arrived anyway and I sent it off in the last week of November!) which seemed to make her like it more. Hmm...

So now I am waiting for the third call (three time's a charm, right?) to confirm that the looming "interesting" is gone for good.

The other TTT went to my sister. I haven't heard anything from her yet. I do know that the package arrived because the socks for her boyfriend were received well. I don't mean to be a stickler for big thank you notes, but an acknowledgement of my work in some form would be appropriate, don't you think?


kate said...

I totally understand. One of my in-laws appreciated a bowl I had made for him SOOOO much that he forgot to take it home... for three months. :(

Anonymous said...

My one and only experience with intarsia was for my father, who requested a specific sweater with a specific nautical pattern on it. Know what? Not only did it come out beautifully,'s the kicker...he NEVER wears it.

I won't be knitting a sweater for Daddy-O again, that's for certain...

Lee Ann

Michelle said...

I personally think the two-tone sweater is lovely.

Tell Rolf that he has to part with his hat for a few minutes so you can snap a pic and we can ohhh and ahhh at it. [wink]