Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Coffee, anyone?

I saw something on TV yesterday that really cracked me up. And it's not even knit-related. Do you know the "in the Kraft kitchen" ads? Yesterday I caught the ad about making "good coffee" with Kayla or whoever. She suggested using "half a cup of coffee ground" for 12(!) cups of coffee!! At that point I started giggling helplessly. If for you nothing is wrong in this picture, well, then you just might not be the coffee afficionado I took you for...as for me, I wouldn't want to be caught dead with that brew in my cup and I figure all, ok, most of the Starbucks and Second Cup customers would agree.

Off now to drink my second cup of the day...


Kajin said...

Half a cup of coffee for 12 cups, you say? That's ridiculous :-D That would be what we call "eau de vaisselle" (you know how the water looks like when you're finished washing the dishes by hand? Well, that's it :-D)

See you tonight!

Amie said...

Does that even change the color of the water?

"How do you like your coffee?"
"Black, please"
"I'm sorry, I can only offer you ecru"

Mona strickt said...

LOL, I am so glad that I am not the only one who refuses to drink "eau de vaiselle" - we have a similar German expression Kajin! Amie, I am not sure about the colour, lets NOT try it, are you okay with that? ;-)