Monday, October 04, 2004

My Mom knits, too

First of all a belated pic of the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival in Essex Junction.

I really don't know what I thought when I took the photo because who would center (almost) a stupid garbage can? I think I wanted to capture the yarns of "Ellen's 1/2 pint farm" because I really like them....

Now let me show you what my Mom knitted since Saturday when she started this pullover with the Classic Elite 03 Tweed (this in lieu of my own knitting progress):

She has more done than me on the vest, and she is happily knitting away right know. I knew writing a blog would cut into my knitting time! This might be the only picture you ever get to see from the pullover she knits for my brother, but I can tell you it'll turn out just fine.

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