Sunday, October 24, 2004

Fashion of the 80s

As promised yesterday, get in the mood for the 80s:

I managed to save some knitting magazines from my teenage years. I did it mainly because I haven't got any photos of me wearing all the creations we (my Mom and I) knitted and sewed from them. I can't believe it's been 20 years...

First up is a pullover in Cotton flammé yarn, from the 1984 April edition of "Nicole" - one of my favourite magazine edition ever (even now):

I had to have it - layering was really "in" in those days. It seemed to be two parts but it was only one, at least in the magazine. I kept them separate because I wanted to wear the cream colored thingy with other tops, too.

The following was a surprise Christmas gift my Mom managed to keep secret from me, she was (and is) really good at surprises.

Yes, I got to have this and I loved my "Samurai"-sweater - I wore it then and even would wear it now.

Next up is a sweater I fell in love with so much my Mom just couldn't let me suffer any more and knitted it for my 15th birthday in 1985:

I still like it, though this boxy style is really not the best for me nowadays!

I remember having this pullover in an apple green, well, a bright green cotton. My grandma knitted it for me - and a lot of other sweaters I sadly don't have pictures from.

I was quite adventurous when it came to fashion, these creations only scrape the surface of the crazy things I used to wear. Actually, they are all very timid! The following jacket from 1986 I had in black/white/mustard (My Mom made three halves!). It was fun changing the parts of it - though I remember wearing mostly the black and white halves.

Last but not least:

The blouse on the left and the grey tunic on the right were a welcome addition to my wardrobe when I was 14, too. I helped sewing them and they are from the same "Nicole" edition I mentioned earlier.

I enjoyed this trip into the past immensely, maybe it's not such a bad thing the 80's are kind of back! What'dya think?


Kajin said...

Oh, the memories :-D I remember the layering, and the colors, and the very large shirts! It seems that beeing a teenager in Germany was not that different from being a teenager in Montreal - thank you for sharing! And your pictures of the Mont Royal are really nice...

Mona strickt said...

Merci! I am on a real nostalgia trip at the moment...maybe I'll post some more...