Friday, October 22, 2004

TGIF, right?

I've thought about it and I figure "'cause I wanted it" is a good enough reason to buy a skirt. At least for me - and that's what's important.

I was wondering about knit-alongs and the fact that a lot of people seem to knit the same things. You most probably won't find them here. There are different reasons for that:

I don't like working under pressure. And knitting along with a lot of other people on the same thing creates that pressure for me and ruins the fun.

I don't live under a stone, I do buy IK and sometimes Vogue Knitting but I don't have to have each and every issue of all the knitting magazines that are out there. I rarely like FCEK and most of the time I find Knitter's boring. I am sure that I have seen a Rebecca Magazine before, but I can't remember looking at a Rowan issue. You see, it's pure self-preservation. The more I see, the more I like, the more I want. Not looking at things keeps me from wanting too much.

There are so many knitting ideas floating around in my head that I need to attend to. I want at least half of them done. And half of them are still too many. And somehow they are never the things that turn up in a knit-along.

Another reason might be that I rarely knit for myself anymore. I am unsure what design (knitted) is best for me, a lot of the things I made for me are not really flattering. That's why I am reluctant to pay a lot of money for great yarn for a sweater that will probably end up sitting in the closet.

The more I think about it the more I am sure: for me it's about the knitting itself not really about the finished project. Finishing is still something I have troubles with - it takes me forever. Though it is nice when you can present your latest creation when it's done, no doubt about it.

When I was fifteen I stopped wearing Jeans for two years in a row. I decided I didn't want to wear what everyone was wearing and made my own pants. Maybe this is another reason why I don't do knit-alongs. A leftover from puberty (how grown-up is that...). Though I yet have to meet another person that knitted exactly the same thing I did.

Talking about the 80s: They are back! The colors (pink, red, white, black...), the styles...I am not sure if I should celebrate my youth and go with it or just ignore the whole thing since it will go away soon anyhow - or will it?

TGIF and so I have the whole weekend to ponder over this...

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