Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Getting in the mood

In the mood for finishing, that is. I am trying, really I am. Doesn't get me nowhere. At the moment I find it lots more interesting to figure out a solution for the V-neck of the TTT with a twist.

And I've been lurking on other knitting-blogs to check out what they have to report from Rhinebeck. Read a lot about how fun it was. I amazes me again and again how tight-knit (no pun intended) the knit-blog-community seems. Everyone knows everybody. I only know them from stalking their blogs. Look at At my knits end for example. I enjoy reading her blog and her take on the world immensely. Then the Yarn Harlot. Her posts are also very entertaining. But you probably know all that already. I just recently discovered her and lots of other people who help make my day.

I wouldn't describe myself as shy but I am a bit reluctant to leave comments on other people sites, though I am very excited about every comment I get because it means someone actually reads what I am rambling on about. So many thanks to the three people who let me know that they were here!

1 comment:

Kajin said...

The Yarn Harlot is indeed a fun read! :-) You should not hesitate to leave comments when you feel the need to - it's always good to know who's reading! Oh, and your French is not as bad as you'd like to think, you know ;-)