Saturday, October 09, 2004

Dabbling along...

Not that I don't have enough WIPs already, but who can resist "Noro Kureyon"? Once you start swatching you just can't stop knitting because the colour changes sneak up on you and then of course you want to know how the next colour turns out...and then the next - and next you know you used up one ball and find out that you won't have enough for the project you carefully planned!

Called "Romni" as soon as I figured three balls won't be enough but so far no luck with colour No. 146, Lot A. They promised to check their stash once again and call me back, very good customer service, I must say.

The front of the TTT with a twist is coming along nicely, the vest needs decreasing (have to figure out the numbers first, not in the mood for that today). This evening mindless knit one row, purl one row is program - I just hope there's something more interesting on TV!

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