Sunday, October 10, 2004

No solution yet, of course not

Still waiting for "Romni" to call me back. Have been working on my other projects but keep obsessing about Noro No. 146. I am wondering if another dyelot would make such a big difference, after all I need just one more ball. This is what you get when you play cheap and buy just three balls of pricey yarn....argh.

Should I rip it out and think of something else? But I don't want to....*wail* (this is getting embarrassing...)

And once again procrastination got me: went to the post office yesterday to pick up a package from elann I have been waiting for (never got that notice you are supposed to get when you're not home and the postman comes!)- it was just after 5.30 p.m. and that's when they close. No one to blame but me! That's what you get when you think you just sit tight and wait till the yarn shop calls back...and tomorrow is Canadian Thanksgiving and the PO is closed.

Think I should stop whining and get a grip since the PO will be open on Tuesday and a solution for "Noro" will come up, too? You got it, will try...

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